Aw: could i count on you.....

Hello...Compliments of the season from Ukraine, My name is Cpt. Fred Jarvis I am A U.S Army officer assigned to the UN PEACE KEEPING FORCE in Ukraine within our military base outside Kyiv as a UN war observer over the ongoing Russian/Ukraine war to secure as many Ukrainian as we could .
So precisely based on the recent UN/US military Legislative and executive decision to evacuate complete troops out of here in 2 months time from now knowing we do not have much time on ground,
I have decided to contact you for this business opportunity,relationship and considerable proposition. I want to inform you that I have in my possession 2 valuable boxes containing a life time opportunity for we both ,which I want to ship to you legitimatey.

Can i count on You ?

If you can please contact me urgently back. ( )

If you can't please delete this mail.

Thank You

Cpt. F Jarvis

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