Trump Tries Mid-Meltdown To Discredit Ivanka For Admitting She Knew Daddy Lost The Election

Sorry Ivanka, even you aren't safe from your dad's well-established pattern of publicly throwing people under the bus.

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Ivanka Trump, ex-President Donald Trump's eldest daughter who served as a White House adviser, struck a massive blow to her father's fake narrative about the 2020 election on Thursday night, when the House Jan. 6 Committee aired her recorded testimony that she had "accepted" then-Attorney General Bill Barr's assessment that there wasn't evidence of widespread voter fraud.

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And the former president didn't let that slide on Friday morning.

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To hear Trump tell it, his daughter didn't know what she was talking about, didn't really care about her job and was just being nice to Barr (who sucked, by the way!).

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"Ivanka Trump was not involved in looking at, or studying, Election results," he wrote on his fake Twitter app, TRUTH Social. "She had long since checked out and was, in my opinion, only trying to be respectful to Bill Barr and his position as Attorney General (he sucked!)."

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The House Jan. 6 Committee unveiled Ivanka Trump's testimony during the panel's first public hearing to establish how the ex-president's own inner circle didn't believe the 2020 election had been stolen.

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Key evidence lay in Ivanka Trump's response to the committee asking her during her interview how Barr shooting down her father's voter fraud lies affected how she saw the election.

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"It affected my perspective. I respect Attorney General Barr," she replied. "So I accepted what he was saying."


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